MyMaple!  Custom version! 2010

INFO: MyMaple! channel 1 is online.

INFO: MyMaple! channel 2 is online.

Hello and welcome to MyMaple! v62-87+ [custom] . Please read these easy steps to get connected to our server.

You can also join our forum HERE.

If you disconnect, it is because you do not have the necessary files, we will not do ANYTHING about it since the files are right below.

 MyMaple! installer with custom version! >Here<

(Client Included)


Also, click here to vote and get more people!

 Happy Mapling!



If you need anything, send us a message at or even contact a GM in-game.        

(For a full GM list, click HERE or talk to Jerry the NPC in the Free Market.)

Please donate any amount to keep this 24/7 server online!     


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